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Inline Skating Videos and Books

Although watching a video or reading a book is no substitute for taking a lesson from
a certified instructor who can offer instant feedback on your in-line skating, these titles are useful
references and serve as a good introduction to a sport you will enjoy for the rest of your life.


Skate Fit: The Complete In-Line Skating Workout

A former Director of Camp Rollerblade and former member of Team Rollerblade, Carolyn Bradley hosts this fitness tape for beginner and intermediate skaters to improve their technique while getting in shape.

"One of the best instructional videos to date" — In-Line Magazine

This 40 minute video features:

SAFETY TIPS, FIT SKILLS 1 & 2 (Stride 1, Stride 2, Heel Brake Stop, Forward Swizzles, Half Swizzles, Foward Scooters, Turning, Stride 3, Serpentine, Forward Crossovers, Backward Movement, Backward Scooters, T-Stop), FIT DRILLS to practice skills, Fitness Fundamentals, FIT WORKOUTS and includes "On-Skate" review card.

Recommended In-Line Skating Books

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